Monday, October 8, 2012

Blitz Inc Reviews Business Advice From 'Sharks'

Blitz Inc | Bellevue, WA Reviews Business Advice: Shark Style 

Blitz Inc reviews the best advice from the 'sharks' on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank." To see if you have a GREAT business idea, you need to show need sales. Regardless of the industry or your need sales. If you want to know what national sales might look like, you have to start local. I like what Mark Cuban says when he's 'out'..."Get out there, knock down some doors and get some sales first!" While all industries may differ, know this...your next potential customer hasn't even heard of you yet. We at Blitz Inc understand this, not only in Bellevue / Seattle, but on a global scale as well. Blitz Inc reviews how to know if you have a GREAT business idea below...

Have you ever wondered what the best way to market your product or service would be? Furthermore, have you ever wondered how to generate some massive sales in your industry? And, just how GREAT of an idea is my business? The advice from ABC's Shark Tank and Blitz Inc comments may surprise you.

Why Blitz Inc Works

I truly believe that we are very lucky to have found our niche in the market. SEO at Blitz Inc, focuses exactly on what some of the best business minds agree that a company needs...measurable results, SALES, and execution that outperforms other competitors. Go to the end of this post to see why I think that Blitz Inc in Bellevue, WA is the greatest opportunity in the Pacific Northwest.

Blitz Inc (Bellevue, WA) Reviews Advice From the 'Sharks' 

Blitz Inc reviews the advice from Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin Harrington,  and Robert Herjavec regarding getting a business rocking...and answering the question 'How do I know if I have a great business idea?'

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According to Barbara Corcoran, your business has to be a new or cheaper way of solving a problem...OR if your business clearly 'answers a need in the marketplace,' you may just have a great business idea.

According to Daymond John, a great business idea is simply something that solves a problem or improves quality of life. A client manager at Blitz Inc reviews and comments on this idea: "Someone doesn't have to be an innovator or anything to make it big in today's economy, they can just focus on improving the quality of a person's life...making things easier for them, or more luxurious can make you millions. It's crazy, but true."

Kevin Harrington, adds to this common idea of adding value or solving a problem by stating that a great business idea should be 'unique enough that it's not something already readily available.'

To add to all of this, Robert Herjavec states that most great businesses are built on better execution of an existing idea.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, review this promo. It might just get you hooked!

My Take Away From All of This

The sharks say that in order to have a truly great business idea, you have to have something that offers a solution to a problem...and do it better than anyone else. I really believe that we here at Blitz Inc Bellevue, WA have this truly great opportunity at our doorstep. We provide a valuable service to our clients, representing them in a professional and in-person capacity to drive long term brand loyalty. I tend to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities here at Blitz Inc, but I really believe that if we take a step back and look at what we've got really is truly amazing.

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  1. Feel free to post any Shark Tank advice that you deem relevant for start-up companies or sales! Blitz Inc reviews a ton of feedback on a daily basis and is always striving to better our company and culture, as I'm sure that all entrepreneurs do. away!

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