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Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews Security v Freedom

The Blitz Inc Bellevue Review of 'Security' v 'Freedom' and its implications: Any time legislation passes, there will always be a group of people that agree with it (or it wouldn't have passed) because it affects them positively. There will also always be a group that disagrees with it because it affects them negatively. In this post, I'm not supporting nor am I arguing with Obamacare. I'm just shedding some light on the larger implications. This post is not about healthcare, but the larger implications brought to light from the passing of this legislation. Blitz Inc Bellevue reviews: security v freedom...

Blitz Inc Bellevue Review of Security v Freedom

Many people have heard of the term 'Obamacare,' but don't actually know what it refers to. The federal healthcare act signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010. The program was meant to get more of America insured, decrease healthcare costs, and provide a more equal opportunity for insurance. I'm just scratching the surface here, so feel free to refer to

Although this is may seem like a wonderful idea, it is causing additional costs to businesses. The legislation allows employers to not provide insurance to their full-time workers, but they must pay a fee. What's a company to do? Three options remain for many companies.

Option 1: Layoff some of the staff to provide extra cash-flow to provide additional insurance for the remaining staff.

Option 2: Reduce the staff's hours so that they are no longer considered 'Full Time.' Then just hire more 'Part Time' workers.

Option 3: Raise prices.

Check out to read about the companies that are already laying off employees and cutting hours here.

While these may seem to be viable options, there are larger implications. While many people get caught up in the formalities of this piece of legislation, the fact that the average American citizen is more interested in security vs. freedom can't be overlooked. At Blitz Inc we reviewed the differences in the two terms and what they mean to people this morning and I will share our opinions with you.

Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews Security

With the economy in its current state, its no wonder that so many people are looking for the government or their employers to 'take care' of them. We have grown up with the philosophy that getting a good job with a good company is the way to go.

We have been told to save our money, invest, diversify our investments, and prepare for retirement around the age of 60. We have been so inundated with these ideals that many people are scared to go against the grain. Many of us crave 'security' and actually want to be taken care of.

I don't know about you, but I never wanted to be 'taken care' of. During my childhood, I was never one to take a sick day at school. I never just stayed home because I wasn't feeling well. There are several occasions in which I would bandage my own cuts and scrapes after playing outside with the neighborhood kids, not looking to Mom to help me out. I learned how to do my own laundry, cook my own food, and clean up after myself at a younger age than most. This taught me self reliance and resourcefulness. Although my parents were always very supportive and provided for me very well, my mother would frequently say, "I'm not always going to be there to do your laundry, Tom."

If we are reliant on other people, governments, establishments, or systems to 'take care' of us, how can we ever become self-reliant. Its up to us as individuals to say enough is enough and take responsibility to develop our skills so that no matter what other people, governments, establishments, or systems are doing, we can rely on those skills that we have developed to take care of us. We have the ultimate responsibility to take care of ourselves.

I'm all for charity, in fact I highly encourage it at Blitz Inc. Please visit the Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews post on our current philanthropic venture, Operation Smile. I think that when people CAN'T help themselves, its our responsibility as a society to reach out. However, if someone is not helping themselves out of choice, the best we can do is teach them how to be more self-reliant. Self reliance brings FREEDOM.

Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews Freedom

I know that no matter what the economy, government, obamacare, systems or institutions do now or in the future, I will never have to look for a job. I am reliant on myself to find a way to make my goals come to fruition without looking for security. At Blitz Inc, we review on a constant basis the skills required to create jobs, wealth, and freedom. Although these skills are neither easy or inherit, they can be learned and I love teaching them. Once a person knows how to market a product or service, that person becomes a huge value to the economy and themselves.

The most successful people in the world aren't looking for security. They have spent their careers developing their skills, mindset, and belief systems to not only provide for themselves, but to also provide for the families and future generations. This is not a reality for most people because they are looking for 'security.' Security and wealth come from looking to take risks.

Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews Freedom v Security

Whether you are looking to just make a wage, earn a living, or aquire wealth, be aware that the search for security is just an illusion. I interview many people, many of which are looking for security, that have been laid off from their 'secure' jobs. The only job that is secure is the one that you create for yourself. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Blitz Inc Bellevue reviews several entrepreneurial opportunities throughout an employee's career in which they can have total control over their future opportunities. 

Teaching people to be self-reliant is the only way to ensure their freedom. We truly believe this at Blitz Inc in Bellevue, WA and will continue to open additional markets, expand into additional industries, and hire like-minded entrepreneurial people that bring value to our company. In return, not only will that person be in a position to make his/her own decisions and drive our company, but Blitz Inc will become one of the largest sales and marketing companies in the United States.

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