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Blitz Inc Reviews How to Raise Funds for a Cause

Wondering how to raise funds for a cause? Let the employees at Blitz Inc review with you the positives of taking on this venture…and some of the potential negatives as well. Blitz Inc reviews several philanthropic opportunities throughout the course of the year. The company’s current charity of choice: Operation Smile.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Challenge of Charity

Blitz Inc Reviews
To raise funds, spread awareness, solve a problem, cure a disease, etc. requires a large amount of time, resources, creativity, networking, and action. You don’t have to be the leader of an organization to make a difference. There are several resources available to help you, but the challenges remain. It’s all on you to grab these resources and get something done. If you don’t, who will? If you feel strongly toward a few different areas, you must first narrow down which one you wish to become a part of making a difference. In this post, a manager at Blitz Inc reviews how to raise funds for a cause.

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The Blitz Inc Guide to Successful Charity Work

There are several noble causes out there in which a company or individual can get involved. How do you know which one to pick? Which one is the ‘noble-ist’ of causes? Everyone will tell you something different, so it doesn’t really matter. Some of the most successful charitable contributions are driven by the passion of the individuals involved. Is feeding the homeless more important than helping raise funds to spread autism awareness? It all depends on YOUR perspective. One cause is not necessarily more important than another. It truly is what is most important to YOU. Your passion alone will drive the results, so…

•    Pick something YOU are passionate about.

After you have decided what charitable cause you wish to help, identify your intent. Will this be an on-going mission? Will this be a one-time thing? How much time do you have to commit to the cause? Is your goal to raise funds, spread awareness, or both? Come up with some really creative ways to accomplish your goal. As employees at Blitz Inc review all of the options, it becomes pretty clear on what the company hopes to accomplish. In the company’s current philanthropic venture, Operation Smile, the primary goal is to raise funds.

•    Decide your intent.

After you or your group has decided what you really want to accomplish, come up with some tangible ways to accomplish that goal. Take into consideration everyone’s time constraints, abilities, networks, and resources. Then, brainstorm some ideas. Just shoot them out there and write them down. After ideas have been brought up, clarify each one to solidify the concepts so that everyone is on the same page with each idea’s potential to accomplish your goal. When choosing to work with any charity, employees at Blitz Inc review all possible approaches to accomplishing the goal. Then, everyone votes on one specific action. Currently, Blitz Inc will be selling wristbands to the public and all proceeds will go to Operation Smile. You could possibly do a few different events or activities, depending on the size of your group and how much time people have to commit.

•    Brainstorm and agree upon an action plan.

After you and your group have decided on a specific cause, your intent, and action items to raising funds for your charity, it’s time to delegate and carry out your plan. Make a list of important tasks with deadlines for each. This list may contain items relating to promotional materials, contacting the parties involved, getting sponsors, signing a petition, hours that need filled at the event, people in charge of certain tasks, etc.

•    Develop a timeline of action items and delegate responsibility.

Carry out your plan and help your charity! Too many people worry about how to raise funds for a cause. So much to the extent that they never get going and take action! Don’t let this be you. Just pick something you are passionate about, get some help, come up with a plan, and execute.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Rewards

Giving back to the community, raising awareness, raising funds for a cause, and helping create actual change in the world can be a very taxing venture. However, it can be VERY rewarding. Not only can you directly influence and take part in something bigger than yourself, but this can also create long-lasting friendships and bonds between the parties involved. You can look back on something and say, “We did that. We helped.” That alone is a very powerful thing. It’s no wonder that the most successful people in the world commit much of their time to charity and philanthropic purposes. They don’t necessarily do it for publicity. They do it because they have always done it. They do it because that’s who they are.

Blitz Inc testimonials from employees always hold philanthropy and charity work in high regard. In some cases, this above all else is actually more important than career advancement. Hard to believe? I hope not…or you will be fighting a losing battle trying to get involved in charity yourself.

How has raising funds for a cause helped a small sales and marketing firm grow? A manager at Blitz Inc comments: “There have been some recent developments here at the company that have really re-energized the team. It’s very exciting to see everyone rallying around what we are going to accomplish with Operation Smile. If there was any stagnation, it’s minimized. If there were employees bored with their job (I hope that’s not the case), they have gotten re-focused. Getting involved in something greater than ourselves is a very rewarding feeling and ultimately might be the secret to the continued success of Blitz Inc in Bellevue, WA.”

No one ever got to the top alone. A successful person has always helped other people get closer to their true potential. Helping people is how you ultimately help yourself. Together, it’s a win-win-win.

Get started today!

[Blitz Inc Reviews How to Raise Funds for a Cause]

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