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Blitz Inc Reviews 4 Mental Errors That Kill an SEO Sale

Management at Blitz Inc reviews some common mental mistakes that apply to professionals in the SEO industry. These common mental errors are often apparent in our personal lives as well. While training Blitz Inc employees in the psychology of consumer behavior, management at Blitz Inc reviews some of the basics of our own personal cognitive processes that hinder our actions.

Having trouble in sales? Is your attitude killing your income?

Blitz Inc Reviews Cognitive Errors in Sales and Marketing

Many people have heard of the fundamental attribution error. This is when you attribute a series of unrelated events to a given outcome. Within the fundamental attribution error are several facets. They are catastrophizing, minimization, thinking 'all or nothing', and labeling.

Blitz Inc Reviews Errors
Catastrophizing This is when people make things out to be worse than they are and only attribute negative and malicious intent behind a given outcome. Have you ever known anyone to make broad generalizations and thought it was the end of the world?

Blitz Inc Reviews the Take-away

In Sales: One lost sale is not the end of the world. If you go on a dry spell for a bit, go back to the basics. Chances are, you are just missing something seemingly trivial that will make all the difference.

Blitz Inc ReviewsMinimization – The opposite of the previous. This is when people minimize their accomplishments and solely focus on their ‘failures.’ I’ve also had friends like this in the past. Nothing is ever good enough. Today, I identify this whenever I attempt to give praise to an individual and they revert the attention back to what they DIDN’T achieve. Instead of saying, “Thanks,” they focus on their shortcomings.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Sales Application

In Sales: It is important to celebrate your victories – big or small. Just land a new account and have a big commission check coming? Get excited and plan to buy yourself a little something special. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Blitz Inc Reviews Bellevue All or Nothing – This is when someone doesn’t believe in shades of gray. This person believes that there is only black and white. In many cases, this can be true. At Blitz Inc, we have a late policy that is black and white. There are some things that can’t be taken lightly. However, in a world filled with billions of opinions, universal truths are hard to come by.

Not everything is precise. There is room for error. People make mistakes. People with an all or nothing outlook tend to look at themselves as either FAILURES or SUCCESSES based on one or two past events. This leads to further problems down the road, obviously.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Application in Sales and Marketing

In Sales: You don’t have to be THE best to get great results, have a fulfilling career, or lead a great life. There is always someone out there who will be better than you. That’s ok. Just get really good at what YOU do, get into the top 20% and continue towards your goals. In business, there is more than one winner.

Labeling – This can be intertwined with some of the above errors in thinking. Labeling one’s self as a failure or success, lucky or unlucky, attractive or ugly, can all have extremely negative consequences in one’s life. Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you should not judge yourself based on yours.

Blitz Inc Reviews the Application in Marketing

In Sales: Do not attribute too much weight to any one given event. So someone told you that they weren’t interested in your service, big deal. It’s not like you haven’t heard that before. Why should this time be any different? You’ve heard about the two brothers Seemore and Sellmore, right? There is always another prospective buyer right around the corner. Go find them! Get a large enough sample size before jumping to conclusions.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

A lot of times, people get so caught up in individual events and occurrences that may not even have any effect on their long-term results or advancement within their lives, professions, or relationships. Management at Blitz Inc reviews some of the mental challenges in sales and marketing with the employees of Blitz Inc on a frequent basis. This has been proven to drive results of the individual, the company, and Blitz Inc’s clients.

Changing your perception of events and occurrences is the key to your personal and professional growth in search engine optimization deals and customer retention.

Blitz Inc Reviews 4 Mental Areas That Kill a Sale

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