Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blitz Inc Job Review

Blitz Inc Job Review: Bellevue, WA. This post is intended to inform job-seekers of the search engine optimization position within Blitz Inc. The administrators at Blitz Inc review several resumes throughout the course of the week and some of them are great! Some of them are not. Hopefully this post - The "Blitz Inc Job Review" will help you in your job hunt.

Blitz Inc Jobs

If you are wondering just what Blitz Inc does on the daily basis, you may just have to wait until the formal interview takes place. Since Blitz is contracted by national vendors to perform professional marketing and sales representation strategies, the company has a non-disclosure agreement. Blitz Inc will not publicly disclose any information in that regard; however, we can give you a general overview and review the qualifications with you.

Blitz Inc jobs begin at the entry level. All of our managing partners have started their careers at this position. We at Blitz Inc have found that the entry level SEO position builds the necessary skills for a person's success in management.

Blitz Inc Job Training

Blitz Inc Job ReviewThe training process of Blitz Inc (Bellevue, WA) is similar to the Karate Kid movie. In that movie, "Daniel-san" asks an older gentleman to teach him karate. The older gentleman, "Mr. Miagi" agrees and puts Daniel to work. Daniel finds himself waxing cars (wax on - wax off), sanding floors, and painting Mr. Miagi's fence. Daniel is utterly exhausted and blows up at Mr. Miagi in an interesting display of contempt. Daniel thinks that Mr. Miagi is just having him do all of the chores in the meantime and will teach him karate later. It turns out that Daniel was learning karate the entire time. He was learning through muscle memory. The motions associated with sanding the floor, painting the fence, and waxing the cars were all the basic defense movements of the discipline.

However familiar the movie is to you, you must realize that any entry level position is going to be fairly similar. You will learn the steps required to succeed in later positions by doing the basic movements over and over again. Although we aren't sanding floors or painting fences here at Blitz Inc, we are working hard and communicating with people every single day. Blitz Inc jobs require a lot of hard work and commitment. People who are willing to put in the effort get rewarded with co-ownership rights, profit-sharing, and executive decision-making responsibilities.

As an entry level employee of Blitz Inc, a person develops interpersonal communication, self-discipline, a general knowledge of marketing theory, selling skills, customer service, and customer retention. All of these skills are arguably the most important to any business function.

Blitz Inc Job Requirements

Blitz Inc jobs all begin at the entry level and involve intense and comprehensive training in all areas of sales, marketing, and management. Management at Blitz Inc review candidacy for advancement based on performance, not seniority. The following are the requirements for the Blitz Inc Client Manager position.

  • Positive attitude
  • Extreme work ethic
  • Great communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Able to work full time Monday through Friday
  • Assume responsibilities in corporate functions as needed
  • Be willing to mentor and coach others
  • Ability to perform in a fast-past sales environment
Thank you for reading the Blitz Inc Job Review! To apply to the Blitz Inc Client Manager position:

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