Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hiring a Seattle SEO Company

If you follow internet marketing, you know that Seattle has a lot of SEO companies. Therefore, if you have a business in the Seattle area, it might get a little confusing picking out the right one to help your business reach its goals. In this post, I'll give you a few tips in hiring a Seattle SEO agency.

Seattle SEO Company Pitfalls

Seattle SEO CompanyWhile there are quite a few SEO companies to choose from in Seattle, you should be aware of the false appeal of cheap prices. Search engine optimization and marketing takes a lot of work. There is keyword research, content creation, social media signals, and back-linking. The amount of work depends on the competition in your niche. Therefore, why would you trust a company that gives everyone the same rate, like $500/mo or something like that?

If you are trying to rank your website for tennis shoes, you are going to be competing with major brands who have several thousands of dollars to throw at search engine optimization and marketing. This is almost impossible for small business to compete with. However, if you are going for "Discount tennis shoes in Seattle WA" this is A LOT easier to rank for with the proper search engine optimization techniques. Do you think that both should be charged the same? The answer is a definitive 'no.' Therefore, don't hire an SEO company that charges the same rate to everyone. Something might be fishy there.

Another thing to look when hiring an SEO company is proof of results. They don't have to be massive results or anything, but be sure to see some of their work that they have done. If they are into website design, ask to see a couple of their websites that they have done. If the SEO company in question has expertise in social media marketing, ask to see some of their metrics on a couple of their most recent ad campaigns. If they are into video marketing, check out some of their videos. All-in-all, be sure to check out some of their work before you make your decision.

One last thing to look at is at their contractual agreements between them (the Seattle SEO company), and their clients (customers). If there is a minimum length of contract of longer than six months, you should be wary in hiring them. Also, be sure to check out some of their reviews on the major SEO company review sites. Yelp works great. However, you should use a little common sense when filtering through these reviews. Make sure that they come from actual customers of the Seattle SEO company and that they really live in Seattle. You don't want a company that has fake reviews from random people in another country or anything.

Hiring the Right Seattle SEO Agency

By taking the above advice, you are sure to find the right search engine optimization company that not only does a great job, but also can help you hit your goals as a Seattle business owner. Search engine optimization agencies tend to take on anyone with a checkbook. Therefore, you are the one who has to do the research. They're all sales people in the internet marketing industry and they are really good at selling their services. Here is the contact information for a well-established and highly recommended SEO company in Seattle, WA.