Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Basics of SEO - Keyword Research

Finding the right target is extremely important in SEO before you start firing away with backlinks, guest posts, social media marketing, etc. Sometimes all you need to do to gain some ground quickly is identify your targets. A lot of great search engine optimization companies get this wrong. They think that you should just go for whichever term has the largest search volume. This is entirely wrong.

Doing Great Keyword Research for Great SEO Results

Following the advice of the masses isn't necessarily where you want to begin if you ever hope to get different results from most people in the industry. Most SEO's aren't worth their salaries. They think that all you have to do is find a keyword based in your niche and go after it. They think that with time and enough backlinks, they'll eventually rank a website.

In my experience, it's a lot easier to flank the competition by going after keyword phrases that don't have a lot of search volume. There is way less competition and you can still get the same results, but it does take a little bit more work.

For instance, if I was to try and rank this website for SEO, then I might as well be trying to rank for terms like 'cheap car insurance' or 'how to buy gold.' There is a major payoff there, but I would be competing with hundreds of thousands of people, ranging from beginners to experts in search engine optimization,

For a little more insight on why this ISN'T the way to go, be sure to read this SEO information and check out all of the attached resources on that page. You'll find that what I say is definitely true regarding keyword research.

Take the path of least resistance. A lot of terms with smaller amounts of search volume can easily add up and you'll be able to rank for them in the search engines a lot easier.

Search Engine Opimization and the Semantic Web

When it comes to keyword research and the actual density in your website, you have to realize that several terms can mean the same thing. No one truly knows what the limit is for keyword density, but rest assured, there is one. Once you cross the threshold, your website will be penalized.

Basically, in SEO, whoever can say the same thing in the most unique ways as possible wins. Just think about all of the synonyms available to you in your niche's keywords and phrases. Then, use as many different possible combinations as you can while still allowing your content to be readable. Don't just repeat the same keywords over and over again.

Follow these steps and you're sure to beat the competition. Subscribe to this blog and stay up to date on all of the latest updates in S.E.O.

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